Brief PTO Update:

The year is off to a fantastic start!

As of a few days ago, we achieved our conservative No Hassle Fundraising budget goal of $24,000!  A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far.  We would love to beat this goal soundly so we can fund more programs on campus.  

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The Wish List forms have been distributed on campus, and we are beginning to receive requests already!  We are casting a wide net and narrowing down potential speakers and topics for our Empower LT events - both during the day AND in the evenings.  We have been getting great suggestions for new student programs to start.  We appreciate the influx of ideas - keep them coming!

We had a great turnout for our first General Membership meeting of the year.  We accepted the Audit Committee's Final Report and Recommendations, and approved and accepted our full-year budget. Mr Butler shared his experiences so far and his vision for our campus, spending a generous amount of time on Q&A.  

We have had several volunteer requests, and you filled those needs quickly. THANK YOU!  We will continue to fine-tune the process for our campus requesters AND you, our volunteers.

For those of you wanting to get more involved with PTO and meet our current volunteers, we will plan some informal get-togethers at local establishments.  We hope it will be a good way to spread the knowledge and begin make connections.  

Thank you for all the ways you support ALL our students.  -Babita

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Thanks to the generous donations of our amazing parents, teachers and business sponsors, we were able to fund a few more wishes.  At our April 10th meeting, we approved an additional $4525 of requests from the Fall.  Fully funded requests include:

  • an interactive camera  and life-size wooden manakin for Art
  • an additional class set of headsets with microphones for Computer SciencE
  • 8 digital electronics VEX kits for Engineering
  • an Investing 101 site license and set of 34 Eightones VR kits for CTE
  • a class set of Harold Bloom's Poetry Book (or equivalent) for AP English 4 


  • A9 greeting card envelopes and heavyweight cardstock for Special Ed Lifeskills.

We are working with Mr. Butler to identify more possible investments for this year.  

Plan to attend our Monday May 15th PTO meeting to get the scoop!

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From the LTHS E-News

On November 17th, PTO representatives, with Principal Butler's assistance, surprised each teacher with the good news.  What an amazing and gratifying experience!  

(Thank you to our student yearbook photographers!)

We will continue to monitor our income and spending throughout the year.  We hope to be able to fund any unfilled or additional requests later this spring.   And if you haven't donated yet, it is NEVER too late.   

Thank you for all the ways you support your PTO.

....and there is more news!

The Executive Board of the LTHS PTO would like to announce the following Committee Chair appointments for 2017-2018:

Class Rep - Freshman - Stacie Massey
Class Rep - Sophomore - Melissa Constantinides
Class Rep - Junior - Kelli Mullen
Class Rep - Senior - M.K. Rowins
Cultural Connections (NEW) - Lorena Masferrer
Directory - Kim Flasch
e-News - Fred Elabed
Halloween - Shaeli Walton
Homecoming - Jan Moreland & RaNee Steed
No Hassle Fundraiser - Kendal Fowler
Speaker Series (formerly Empower LT) - Emily Larcher
Teacher Appreciation - Shelley McCannon & Courtney Thomas
Volunteer Coordinator - Courtney Helton
Webmaster - Holly Elabed
Welcoming - Briana Currey
Wish List (NEW) - Babita Deitrich

Congratulations and THANK YOU

 for volunteering to serve.

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Last week, we wrote about our local school tax rate comprising M&O ($1.04 per $100 assessed property value) and I&S ($0.3675 per $100 assessed property value).
The state of Texas created recapture ("Robin Hood") in 1994 to ensure equitable funding of schools throughout the state. The LTISD current recapture rate is 44%.  This means out of $1.04 collected locally to run our schools (salaries, utilities, furniture, supplies, food, gas, etc.), we keep only $0.60 locally.  The rest is collected by the state.  Changes made since 2006 have made this worse by limiting the benefits of an increasing property tax base.  More about that next time.

Informative School Finance links:

Intro to School Finance in Texas_ Rev Jan 2012

Texas Association of School Boards "Overview of School Finance System" 

​​Lake Travis High School PTO 
General Membership Meeting & Speaker Series

Monday May 15

11 am to 12:30 pm

Please Join us Monday at 11 am for our LAST PTO General Membership Meeting of the year and our FIRST EVER Lunch and Learn Presentation.

This meeting is open to EVERYONE and will be held in the main LTHS building in room E-203.  Beginning at 11 am, we will:

  • approve our Audit Committee,
  • review and vote on requested amendments to the 2016-17 approved budget,
  • review and vote on the 2017-2018 working budget, and
  • get a brief update about what's happening on campus.

As part of our Lunch and Learn series, we will be hosting LTHS School Resource Officer Nathan Iacono.  

Officer Iacono will provide insight from a law enforcement perspective regarding drugs and alcohol, the laws related to these, and their impact on students and possibly parents.

Click here for the meeting agenda.

No Hassle Fundraiser

Please check the main school calendar frequently.

Election News!
Introducing the Officers of the 2017-2018 LTHS PTO:

President - Brandye Rocca
Vice President - Shannon Cordray
Fundraising Vice President - Tanya Dorsett
Student Activities Vice President - Amanda Tennant
Secretary - Heather Swanson
Treasurer - Michelle Whitwell

Congratulations and THANK YOU for volunteering to serve.

​On November 14th, the LTHS PTO Executive Board allocated just under $15,000 for immediate teacher wish list spending.  

LT Empower Event
"Managing Your Teen's Anxiety"

More about Texas School Finance and LTISD ...

2016-2017 Sponsors

In November, Dr. Candice Ackerman from Flourish Counseling of Austin, Texas spoke before a group of Lake Travis PTO parents on the subject of teenage anxiety.  Dr. Ackerman provided a description of the symptoms of anxiety and described ways we as parents can support our child in a competitive school environment.  

Click here for a link to the slides from the presentation.  

We appreciate Dr. Ackerman for speaking with our parent PTO group. We appreciate Starbucks for their coffee donation and Shipley's for the tasty donuts. ​

Lake Travis High School PTO

On behalf of the PTO
Thank you to our PTO Nominating Committee:
Heather Swanson, Chairperson
Briana Currey
Jan Moreland
Kelli Nokes
We appreciate your service!

A HUGE thank you to our local Lakeway Smoothie King for treating our teachers to free smoothies last week during our breakfast teacher appreciation event. 
We love our sponsors - thanks for supporting LTHS PTO!


What's coming up with your PTO



Fully funded requests include:

  • a new saw and replacement blades for Agriculture;
  • a mat cutter and two 3-D pens with extra filaments for Art;
  • 16 headsets with microphones for Computer Science;
  • 50 - 60 recycling containers for a joint DECA / Environmental Science effort to improve recycling on campus;
  • assistance funding for campus for English / Social Studies;
  • 2 replacement iPads with otterbox cases and 6 charging cords for technology cart replenishment in the Digital Media Center;
  • 10 Force Tables for student lab use for Physics;
  • Updated resource guide set for AP US History;
  • Geometry teaching supplies, classroom display calculators, and Employment / Training Curriculums for Special Education; AND
  • 4 large rolling mirrors for Theatre Arts.