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Our No Hassle Fundraiser allows you to choose your support level:

$500: 500 Club. Support the students and teachers and receive recognition in the eNews and PTO website

$250: 250 Club. Support the students and teachers and receive recognition in the eNews and PTO website

$100: 100 Club. Support the students and teachers and receive recognition in the eNews and PTO website

Any Amount: Thank you for your support! Support the students and teachers with any amount you choose.


2016-2017 LTHS PTO


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Each year, the PTO Executive Board works hard to spend donations in the same year contributed. We are proud of our ability to keep our administrative and fundraising costs low.  We value each donation, large or small, and pride ourselves on being “stingy” with non-program costs.  Excluding expense line items that are covered by their corresponding income, Fundraising and Administration account for 2% each, on average, of our expenses.
All income we generate helps fund enrichment seminars, fulfill teacher wish lists, and provide educational programs that benefit Lake Travis High School students, faculty, staff, and community.  The more donations we receive, the more money we can allocate to our ongoing programs or to creating new programs.
We raise money from our membership via donations to our No Hassle Fundraiser.  We work with our local community businesses to raise money via sponsorships and print ads.

No Hassle Fundraiser
We run a No Hassle Fundraising campaign each year.  We depend on donations from our families early in the school year so we may plan our wish listspending.  The more we receive, the more we can spend.  It’s simple. Nothing to buy or sell.  Just a one-time donation each year.  Please consider donating your time or money.  Your involvement can  make the difference.

From the LTHS E-News


Our History of Giving Via the "Wish List" Program

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Lake Travis students, family and friends!  Help support your LTHS PTO by shopping on Amazon.

YES, you read that right! A crazy number of purchases are eligible for donation to your AmazonSmile charity. It's so easy and here's how....

  • Simply click the Amazon Smile logo above.
  • At 'Pick your own charitable organization', type: Lake Travis High School Parent Teacher Organization
  • Hit Search, then Select. 

Remember going forward to always use the Amazon Smile site instead of regular Amazon site when you shop. Everything else is the same... Except that now you are helping the LTHS PTO better serve all our students.  You Shop, and Lake Travis High School wins!!

How awesome is that?!? 

500+ Club:
Babita & Tom Deitrich

Sue & Yong Cho
David & Lisa Handal
Felicia & Craig Hester
Susan & Curt Hodgson
Christi Nicolay
Phyllis Parmer & Mark Plummer
Julie & James Shrewsbury

Sue and Yong Cho

250+ Club:
Larry & Suzanne Amberg
Chandra & John Aoueille
Tina & Chris Badciong
Gaylonn & Thomas Clemmons
Marie & Robert Cohan
Leilani & Joe Connors
Jessica and John Cottey
Olivia & John Devin
Michelle & Gabe Ellisor
Steve & Jennifer Frezon 
Kevin & Jojie Gallagher
Carmen & Karl Graf
Wendi Harrelson  
Kristin Holt
Melinda & Ken Massey
Mary McClure
Amy & Eddie Roberts
Julia & Richard Russo
Christine & John Schoonmaker
Annette & Craig Tanner
Courtney & Brad Thomas
Lisa Williams 

100+ Club:
Matt & Linda Aldrich
Rebecca Aronow & Ben Obregon
Jyotsna & Nandan Arora
Tracy & Fausto Barba
Stacy Barna & Scot Foltz
Corrie Baumgartner & Jeff Baumgartner
Maria & Brett Bickerton
Shelli & Mark Blackburn
Carlaine & Rick Blizzard
Body Balance Physical Therapy
Julie & Charles Bormann
Jean & Philip Bryant
Paula & Christopher Bryant
Jason & Angela Buddin
Rusti & Wade Burnett
Jenny & A. Lane Buschhorn
Elena & Ricardo Cabeza de Vaca
Gigi & Tobias Cappello
Michelle & Albert Carlotti
Gina & Charles Coleman
Deborah & Patrick Conner
Thomas & Debbie Conyers
Joyce & Bruce Crisler
Merri & Scott Cronk
Chris & Briana Currey
Pam & Sean Curry
Susan & Craig Dickey
Miroslav & Sanja Dokic
Debbie & David Dolmanet
Tanya & Bob Dorsett
Linda Duvalle
Kevin & Mina Ehrie
Matthew & Karen Elson
Deborah & Bryan Ezzell
Laura Fischer
Amelia & Robert Floyd
Patti & Eric Foit
Pam & Ken Ford
Jessica & Robert Forman
Regina Fulton-Francois & Michael Francois
Steve & Jennifer Frezon
Jose & April Garcia
Susan & Michael Girard
Tom & Terri Grant
Will & Diane Greene
Jodi & Preston Gregg
Bruce & Lori Griggs
Mary Ann Grimes
Laura & Bradley Grulke
Heather & Kevin Guerin
Libby & John Hagy
Julie & William Hale
Denise & John Hamilton
Scott & Gayle Hamilton
Sue & Dave Hart
Kelley & Henry Hebel
Mike & Donna Hellrung
Courtney & Scott Helton
Sarah Herrington & Scott Naizer
Jeff & Jana Holst
Sharon & Bruce Homoya
Janise & George Hooper
Tracy & Jeffrey Hoover
Riley & Tanya Horan
Frank & Lisa Jalufka
Paul & Anastasia Jespersen
H. Carol Johnson
Pearl & Douglas Jones
Melanie & Klaus Kannemann
Stacey & Sean Kimble
Raquel & Mike Knox
Ann & Joseph Kupper
Chris & Kathryn Lake
Tritia & Geoff Land
Emily & Johannes Larcher
Sara & Eric Lauritzen
Christie & Brady Lenamon
Denise & Brett Little
Yvonne & Joshua Lowy
Zheng Luo & Yanping Gui
Louise Madigan
Elise Maldonado-Holmertz & Peter Holmertz
Biju & Shirley Mathew
Julie & Paul Mattoon
Julie & David May
Julia McCurley & Chris Kobe
Sarah McIlheran & Mark Ridlehuber
Lisa McNerney & Paige Butler
Helen & David Merritt
Lisa & Shane Meyer
Martine & Marc Michels
Amy & John Miller
Delaine & Daniel Mueller
Susan & Sean O'Keeffe
Laura & Alek Orloff
Melissa & Juan Padilla
Mary & Eric Pakarinen
Tanya & Brad Palmer
Helen Pang & James Wang
Grace & George Payne
Brian & Adele Peterman
Denise Phillips
Craig & Kim Piwonka
Brad & Barrie Plauche
Jennifer & Walter Powell
Christina Quakenbush
Cindy & Jerry Ramos
Syed & Tracy Raza
Charlene Reagan
Deborah Reyes & Craig Alter
Loryn & J. Eric Riden
Kelly Rigdon & Paula Trujillo
Cerina Robb
Atala Romero
Erika & Stuart Rorer
Ellen & Imad Salem
Kerrie & Christopher Schneider
Melanie & Ray Schwitters
Rana Shafi
Stephanie & Shawn Sharp
David & Kate Smith
Maria & Peter Soo
Karl Steffes
Susan Steffes
Shannon & Ned Sullivan
Yuhung Sun & Iju Tsai
Margaret & Christopher Tabb
Susan & Michael Taborn
Gwen & Pete Tao
Wendie Thompson
Kim & Darrell Thornley
Otis & Donella Thorpe
Tom & Lesa Triolo
Kay & John Trowbridge
Jill & Steve Waldschmidt
Peter & Amy Walker
Shaeli & Michael Walton
Kim & Brad Watson
Lisa & Marty Weidenbach
Michelle & Darren Weiss
Kritsin Wheatley
Andra & Scott Wheeler
Karen & Clark Whitty
Rachelle Wilbanks
Linda & Scot Williams
Penny & Troy Wilson
Amy & David Young
Lisa & Sean Young
Nicole & Vic Young

Thank you to our LTHS teachers, coaches and staff members who have contributed to our No Hassle Fundraiser!  You ROCK!