Executive Office
NamePTO Email
PresidentBrandye Rocca

Vice PresidentShannon Cordray
Fundraising VP

Melissa Williamson

Norma Jean Jackson

Student Activities VP

Heather Swanson

Kaki John


Raquel Knox


Michelle Whitwell
SecretaryKelly Alford
Executive Board
To all officers


 Class Rep - Freshman

Darla Bilderback

Gina Coldwell

Kelli Mullen

Class Rep - Sophomore

Anne Stephens

Laura Waldo
Class Rep - JuniorMelissa
 Class Rep - Senior

Carrie Willie

Cultural Connections
Lorena Masferrer

Business Directory

Kimberly Brodie
EnewsFred Elabed

Jan Moreland

RaNee Steed


No Hassle FundraiserKendal Fowler
Social Media

Kim Yancey

Speaker SeriesEmily Larcher
Teacher Appreciation
Shelley McCannon
Courtney Thomas
Volunteer CoordinatorTara
WebmasterChristie Behrens
WelcomingLindsey Denney
Wish ListStephanie Honey
Committee ChairsTo all



For a description of each of the LTHS PTO Board and Chair Positions, CLICK HERE.

PTO Board & Chairs

The Lake Travis High School PTO began operations on May 21, 2012 with an empty bank account and some borrowed procedures.  Since our formation, we have been honing these procedures, fundraising enthusiastically, and spending carefully, to ensure most of our earnings go towards the overall benefit of our students.  We work closely with our campus Principal and are proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time.  And we could not do it without the amazing support we receive from our community:

LTISD Administration
LTHS Principal, Staff, and Teachers
Our Parents and Students
Our Local Business and Community Leaders

The Lake Travis Community is a special place that is inclusive and supportive.  We are honored to contribute to this atmosphere via the

Lake Travis High School campus.

Lake Travis High School PTO 2018-2019

​Executive Board and Committee Chairs:

Lake Travis High School PTO