Dear Lake Travis High School Community,

2016-17 will be another great year at Lake Travis High School, Home of the Cavaliers.  We have a fantastic new Principal, a new bell schedule, an earlier start time, a later dismissal time, and a whole lot of CAVALIER PRIDE. The LTHS Parent Teacher Organization is excited and honored to be a part of this dynamic and growing campus. 

Our mission is to enrich the education of each student on our campus.  We do this by investing our ideas, time, and money into Student and Teacher related programs that we believe foster a positive and fun learning environment.  We work in close collaboration with our principal to identify and prioritize needs and to spend donations in the same year as they are contributed.  Are you interested in what we do?

For our amazing students we host the Homecoming Parade and provide funding for the Homecoming Court.  We plan and organize a Halloween costume contest.  We held our First (Annual) Talent Show in March 2015 which received great “word of mouth” feedback.  We had scheduling conflicts last year, but hope to bring this back in the spring.   We also allocate money in support of Project Graduation (a post-graduation, alcohol and drug-free celebration for the senior class), Empower LT programs focused on teenage health and welfare, an on-campus Psychologist, and campus wish list items.  In 2015-16, we were able to allocate $20,500 toward NEW wish list items! 

For our fantastic teachers we host a variety of monthly events including a “Welcome Back” cookout, breakfast buffets, potato bars, salad bars, Thanksgiving Pies, a “Souper” Spa day luncheon, and an amazing offsite Christmas dinner.  We also appreciate them by coordinating breakfasts, lunches, salads and desserts during Teacher Appreciation week in early May.

For our parents and guardians we do our best to keep you involved and connected.  We solicit input, include school calendar activities, and provide reminders via our weekly e-News each Sunday.  Occasionally we send mid-week requests and prompts as well.  We created a new website that should be easier for us to keep current and to increase our social media presence.  We seek out volunteer opportunities and offer them to you in manageable time slots via electronic sign-up tools.  For our new-to-LTISD parents and guardians, we began hosting “Welcome” events in the Fall of 2015.  We plan to expand this program each year.  We also address important topics about teenage health and welfare at our General Membership Meetings and our evening Speaker Series Forums.  With all of us being pulled in multiple directions every day, we hope you are able to take advantage of some or all of what we offer.  Scan the e-News each week to see what’s coming up!

In 2015-16 the PTO budgeted over $51,000 toward our Student and Teacher programs.  While supporting and adding to our annual programs for students and teachers, we were able to allocated $20,500 for the following departments (items):

Our Mission
Our mission is to enrich the education of Lake Travis High School students by supporting the school with volunteer and financial assistance while fostering positive and effective relationships between school staff, teachers, and parents.

Your financial support makes our ongoing programs for students and staff and the Wish List possible. The LTHS PTO relies on two major sources of funding:  sponsorships / ad sales for the LTISD Student Directory and the LTHS PTO No Hassle Fundraiser (NHF) campaign

The LTISD Student Directory we publish each year is a tradition in our district. It contains all the contact information you need for the school year.  We compile Administration, Teacher, PTO, Extra-Curricular, and Student contact information, along with the district calendar, block schedule calendar (LTHS-specific) and bell schedules for all schools in LTISD and the central office … in ONE publication!  All for only $15.

We call the NHF campaign "No Hassle" because we don't ask you or your student to buy or sell anything, just to make a one-time donation. We depend on donations from our families early in the school year, so we may plan our wish list spending by late October.  The more we receive, the more we can spend.  Please consider donating to our No Hassle Fundraiser and join us as we continue enriching the education of each student on our campus.

You can make your 2016-17 No Hassle Fundraiser donation and/or purchase a directory online by clicking here. Or, you can complete and print this form. You can bring the completed form and money to Round Up or send it with your student and drop it at the PTO table with one of our volunteers.  No donation is too small or too large.

Thank you for all you do to support our students and staff!  It's going to be a great year!

Babita Deitrich, 
LTHS PTO President 

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  • Science Departments (Vernier Technology, Electrostatic Generator, Polarization Demonstrator, Laser Pointers)
  • Math Department (additional calculators for classroom sets)
  • Career and Technical Education (Robotics Competition Field)
  • Annex Media Center (LTHS Interior Design Class recommended upgrades for the newly opened space)
  • General, benefiting a range of learning needs (recumbent bikes for library, new oven and social skills curriculum for 18+, Empower LT forum support)
  • New Initiatives, with “evaluative” benefits (TEDx certification for LTHS campus, supplies for Architecture “Dream House Model” curriculum)


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From the PTO President

​To include a flyer in the district Tuesday folder, contact Community Programs for more information.